Service-Centered Friendship = Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Secure

“I had some reservations about moving our shredding early on, but  I’m happy to report that I’ve been  won over. I know those of you that  work at Friendship Industries, and those who manage the processes there work doubly hard to meet the demands of those you serve, internally and externally”

Ann M. MacLeod
Operational Support Supervisor
The Rockingham Group


Shredding Security
Information Destruction Security





Friendship Industries knows proper and
secure document destruction is of paramount importance. Our alarm monitored facilities with 24/7 video surveillance and 90-day backup makes us a trusted document partner.

You can’t just shred documents. Friendship exceeds security standards by handling  your materials through our secure chain of custody. This chain creates a documented and auditable trail throughout the destruction process. At the end of the document destruction process, we guarantee your documents are securely and properly destroyed by generating a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Friendship Industries:

Works with you to determine your document  needs and advise you of the most efficient  and effective ways to serve those needs.
Complies with and, in fact, exceeds the highest level of security verified by our AAA National Information of Information Destruction (NAID)  Certification.
Educates ourselves and you in the ever-changing legislation and regulations. Our NAID membership keeps us abreast of  issues related to destruction.


Personal Document Destruction (Click here)

Friendship Industries will accept your personal/residential documents on Mondays and Wednesdays. This is not part of our certified services but is offered as a public service.

Did You Know?

Our destruction process is documented via a closed circuit recording system that maintains all aspects of our destruction operations for 90 days.

We carry professional liability insurance that is specifically targeted to providing the coverage necessary for the handling and destruction of secure documents.

Through our secure chain of custody, we generate an auditable record of where your documents are at all times while in our possession.

We undergo scheduled and random audits of all aspects of our destruction process, from collection to final disposition, ensuring our compliance with industry standard security procedures.

National Association for Information Destruction

Questions? Contact our Secure Destruction Specialist at 540-271-3696.