We specialize in packaging products that are difficult to automate in your production facility.

Packaging with precision

We skillfully package  products with hands-on attention to detail. Our contract packaging team gives you the edge.

Secondary food packaging

For your multi-flavor SKUs and shelf-ready packaging, we have the experience you need. Our facility is FDA registered. 

Medical devices

We ASSEMBLE and PACKAGE medical devices with precision and accuracy in our FDA registered facility.

Kit assembly

custom kitting

When multiple components need to come together to create your complete product, you can count on our decades of experience.  

Our Contract Packaging Services  help your business grow

Cost Savings

Contract Packaging offers professional packaging without tying up capital, equipment, line space, and management infrastructure.

Flexible and agile packaging options

We help you select the best packaging application for your product based on decades of industry experience.

Fast turnaround

We have the line space, labor, quality control, and management infrastructure in place to speed your product to market.

So you can focus on what matters

Our Contract Packaging Service will free your resources to focus on product development and growing your business.

When it’s smart to Outsource your Packaging…

You make specialized products. When you have to slow down your production line for any part of your packaging process, that hurts your productivity. We know how to package products efficiently. You make more products; you make more money.

It’s very expensive to maintain a production facility that’s compliant for a specific industry. Going off-site for certain warehouse functions or those production steps that are manually intensive – that just makes sense. It eliminates production bottlenecks and allows you to scale-up.

You have to be agile and nimble to keep up with the demands of big box and club stores. Your customers are very quick to change their variety packs and case configurations. We help you meet the needs of your rapidly changing markets.



  • Together, Friendship Industries and Able Solutions have completed thousands of projects:
  • Secondary packaging of food
  • Medical device assembly and packaging
  • Federal government contracts
  • Kit assembly for various industries



  • We invest in efficiencies and employee training to deliver high value at a fair price.

  • We invest time to learn your business, understand your expectations and develop efficient workflows.

  • Exceeding expectations, meeting deadlines, and attention to detail are qualities that run deep in our corporate DNA. 


  • The U.S. Air Force depends on Friendship Industries as its exclusive supplier of Escape and Evasion kits worn in the flight jackets of all USAF pilots and crew members.
  • We follow both ISO and GMP principles.



  • Centrally located in the
    mid-Atlantic region
  • Five minutes from I-81 in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley
  • Quick access to I-64 and I-66
  • Close to two major fulfillment facilities (Amazon and WalMart)



  • We have large-scale capacity to package and ship from our location.
  • Our facility is secure and video monitored.
  • A total of 12 truck docks for fast shipping and receiving.
  • More than 125 full-time employees, plus flex-force capacity to scale-up as needed.


  • 55,000 sq. ft. of production space.
  • 20,000 sq. ft. of dedicated racked warehouse space, fully conditioned with heat and air.
  • Plus access to 30,000 sq. ft. of refrigerated work space.
  • FDA registered as a food warehouse facility for secondary packaging of food.
  • FDA registered for medical device assembly and packaging.


  • Repeat business and positive customer referrals are the lifeblood of your enterprise and ours.
  • Discover how our professional service and innovative solutions can grow your business success.  



  • As commercial non-profit organizations with a social mission, we uphold high standards, serving our local community and our world-wide customers.


“One of Friendship Industries’ most notable projects is its co-development and component manufacturing and assembly of mission-critical U.S. Air Force Escape and Evasion kits — a job that requires the utmost in quality and accuracy.”

Anne Marie Mohan, editor of Contract Packaging magazine, July/August 2019

Innovative Problem Solvers

Capable and Professional

Friendship Industries began production on its first Federal Government contract in April 2008. Using our packaging and kitting expertise, we procure the necessary components, and then assemble and ship specialized kits worn in the flight jackets of Air Force crews.

Escape and Evasion kits
First Aid Emergency kits

Shipped to military bases all over the world for the Department of Defense.

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