Friendship Industries can help get your product to the marketplace. We have been providing expert guidance in outsourced labor, contract packaging, and contract manufacturing for fifty years.

Friendship Industries is committed to continuous improvement. We invest in the best equipment, and more importantly, the best people to get your product attractively packaged for your end user.

We are experts in secondary packaging. Ship your bulk product to us and we will repack it, tray-pack it, shrink-wrap it, and even ship it – reducing labor, line disruption and freight charges for you.

We can help with special promotional packaging, floor displays, or promotional inserts requiring labor-intensive assembly. Friendship Industries solves your problems especially with regard to start-up business costs, limited production runs, and workforce investment. We are the co-packer for your business needs.


Do you have a new product idea that requires packaging?

If your goal is to create attractive, retail-ready packaging, then Friendship Industries is the right co-packer.

Friendship Industries specializes in offering affordable solutions to your primary and secondary supply chain challenges. We’ll work with your package designer or we can offer our packaging design expertise. We also source packaging materials, supply labor and automated sealing and shrink-wrap equipment, and, if desired, provide fulfillment and shipping services to get your product to your end customer.


Contact or call 800-777-9586 (540-434-9586) to get more information or to request a quote.

We are committed to quality. If you have questions on our processes, contact 



Would your product sell better in a variety pack?

You produce bulk product. Your customers prefer your product packaged smaller or  they want a variety pack.

Purchasing automated equipment for “test marketing” purposes doesn’t make sense.

Let Friendship Industries build your variety pack for you and ship it to your customer.

Do you have product packaging materials that need to be relabeled, inspected, or corrected?

Perhaps you have an oversupply of retail packaging materials that could be useful if they were simply “relabeled”?

A “This Product is New” sticker could re-promote your product.

Is there a misprint on your packaging that, if corrected by a label, would make it resalable?

We solve manufacturing problems every day for companies who need their packaging materials relabeled, inspected, or corrected.

Are there inefficiencies in your automated line?

You train your workers to obtain the highest output possible. Are there repetitive processes that could be outsourced? Is there a portion of your product assembly that cannot be automated?

Outsourcing allows your workers to focus on more technical aspects of your production process, resulting in lower labor and inventory space costs. Friendship can even build sub-assemblies of your product and deliver them to you “just in time.”

Do you have a need for refrigerated repacking or secondary packaging?

If your product requires cold temperatures then consider adding Friendship to your supply chain. We offer mulitiple production lines in a 34 degree warehouse that ensures your product stays chilled while it’s re-packaged, stored, and ready for delivery.

Refrigerated repacking and logistics